Epilepsy Center

Epilepsy Center

marinWelcome to Epilepsy Center in Nishiniigata Chuo Hospital! (Last update: Sep. 02, 2009)

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I am Marin, the mascot girl of this epilepsy center.
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About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the oldest known diseases, and epileptic seizures have been described since ancient times.

Despite its long history of 5,000 years, it is only about the recent 100 years that people began to recognize the disease correctly.

Misunderstanding and prejudice about it have not been completely resolved even today.

Our Epilepsy Center

Our epilepsy center was initially founded as National Teradomari Hospital, the second oldest epilepsy center in Japan, and was re-opened in Niigata City in July, 1995 as a facility that can offer advanced treatment including surgery for epilepsy.

All stuffs at Epilepsy Center give you a feasible solution in whole patient care. Our activities include medical and surgical treatments, rehabilitation, comprehensive care, and clinical research.

All video-EEG machines were digitized by newly-developed technology and connected on-line in 2009. A 306-ch whole-head magnetoencephalography (MEG) was introduced in 2000. Our MEG studies on neocortical epilepsy lead this field in the world.


First Japanese Center for Hypothalamic Hamartoma was founded in May 1, 2008. If you want to know further information about hypothalamic hamartoma, please enter another page (Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center) and please contact us.

The center aims to provide advanced medical services for the 21st century, which is expected to be the Era of the Brain. If you are suffering from epilepsy, we can offer you the latest medical care. Why do not you take a step toward a bright tomorrow? Please, let us help you!

  • Want to hear a second opinion?
  • Still have attacks after being treated at another hospital for more than half a year?
  • Wondering if you really have refractory epilepsy?
  • Wondering if surgery cures epilepsy?
  • Wondering if you really have epilepsy?
  • Did not receive adequate explanation at other hospitals?
  • Want your attacks examined closely by overnight EEG?
  • Want to receive the most advanced treatment at a medical organization specializing in epilepsy?

If you have questions or problems as above...

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Contact us

If you have any questions, opinions or requests, please contact us!
We kindly request, when you would like to send the first letter to the hospital,
write: full name, date of birth, place of residence of the patient.
Briefly describe the problem of contacting our hospital, but do not send any files containing
MRI, EEG and other images that may not reach the addressee due to the large amount of information.
Technical issues are resolved in the process of further correspondence.

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